The Fitness Advantage

WORKOUT ANYTIME is serious about fitness equipment.

Our major equipment comes from Matrix Fitness — the world’s premier commercial fitness manufacturer. In the last two years alone, Matrix has received more awards for innovation than any other brand. Matrix Fitness equipment is characterized by superior industrial design, innovative ergonomics and high-end tubular construction.

It’s all about ergonomics – Great ergonomic design ensures that each muscle group is properly isolated so that even a novice can exercise properly and safely. Examples include The Perfect Squat (for hips and butt); The Ab Coaster (stomach machine for better abs and stronger core) and the only self-spotting bench that keeps you safe while weight lifting.

Why we offer the best equipment – You wouldn’t expect a value-priced club to offer the Rolls Royce of equipment. We don’t have to buy $9,000 treadmills, but with our 40 years experience, we know that it takes a solid platform to safely accommodate walkers and runners up to 500 lbs. Plus, higher-end equipment has less down time, delivers more value and provides higher member satisfaction and comfort.

A better workout space – Our polypropylene, anti-microbial flooring is extremely durable, easy to clean and maintain, but has the comfort and beauty of carpet. We want to provide the highest quality fitness experience for our members and franchisees.

WORKOUT ANYTIME stands far above all other 24/7 gyms. We are the best equipped health club, per square foot in America, and soon to be the planet!

Matrix Fitness equipment has received several awards, such as the 2010 IDEA Award and the IHRSA's Associate Member of the Year