Workout Anytime Guest Policy

We love Guests! 

Members may bring or send their friends to the Club for a tour and use of the Club equipment as a free guest of the Club. A few restrictions apply:
  • The Club reserves the right to charge a guest fee to member
  • Guest fees are subject to change without notice
  • A single guest is limited to one (1) visit per month or three (3) times in any 12-month period
  • All guests must sign in at the front desk and provide a valid ID upon check in
  • GetFit Membership* does not have guest privileges.

For our Younger Guests

The same rules above apply with a few extra details:
  • No guests under 18 years of age unless they accompanied by their parent/guardian.
  • The parent/guardian must sign the guest register and identify the minor on the register.
  • The accompanied minor must be over the minimum age of 12 years old or state required minimum age.

* GetFit Membership available at participating clubs only