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“I am so happy with this gym. It is clean, affordable, and has a great staff and very knowledgeable trainers. This is a gym for everyone from beginners to body builders. All the equipment is new.  Centrally located so if I do feel like working out late in the evening I feel safe.” J. Smith
“Great gym to get it done. And not all hype at the other 24h gyms. Has what I need and love the monthly no contact price. I don’t feel bad if I missed a few weeks. Unlike my other overpriced gym. Staff is friendly and help me if I notice anything needs attention. Like a family gym where your suggestions matter.” P. Shevchuk
“I think this place is great. Plenty of equipment and everything is clean. The staff I have come in contact with have been really nice and helpful. The trainers seem to be knowledgeable and they have a large variety of classes." Matt C.
“I was able to bring my cholesterol down within a normal range naturally, deposit a ton of my stress at the gym (!) and become much more flexible. I was a size 8 last fall but would have never admitted it. Now, I am down to a size 4 and proud to show it off as I sport my new clothes!” Sharon Markman
“Since I like to work out at 4:30 am, Workout Anytime is just perfect. Clean, comfortable and all the equipment I need. It is close to home so I ride my bike to and from the gym. Can’t beat it!” Kupe Kupersmith
“Best thing I’ve EVER done for myself….I actually look forward to coming every day because the atmosphere is SO welcoming & inviting! I feel worlds better afterward.” Ginny Murphy
“I am really enjoying the new gym… Everything is clean, the staff is friendly and helpful, the Matrix equipment is smooth and easy to use, and I can go whenever I want! What else could a person ask for!?” Patrick Cooper