Dianna Kaga: Feature Franchisee

Posted on February 21, 2017

 Feature Franchisee

Dianna Kaga
Marietta and Kennesaw

      Dianna Kaga knows what type of energy to bring into the gym, and with her outgoing personality and positivity, she captivates everyone she encounters. As a previous Workout Anytime member and now owner of Workout Anytime Marietta and Kennesaw, that attitude and commitment extends into her gyms and out to her members—something that has resulted in an exceptional atmosphere and member experience.
Dianna has been involved in the fitness industry in some form for nearly her entire life. With a degree in physical education, she taught PE for ten years. In 2003, Dianna decided it was time for her to move out of the school and into the gym. At that point she continued teaching, just with a different student-base. This time Dianna taught nearly every fitness class imaginable, including step, personal training, spin, aqua, Pilates, group strength, and according to Dianna, “anything else I could teach.” She continued her fitness career as manager of group exercise programs for a local YMCA and eventually moved up to wellness director. As someone who once battled excess weight herself, Dianna has a strong passion for weight loss and strength training, particularly with women. In 2011, Dianna contacted SVP of Development Randy Trotter about purchasing her own Workout Anytime franchise; however, she was not quite financially ready to take the step of purchasing. One year later, Dianna reached out to Randy again after having many conversations with owners and learning more about the brand and the fantastic level of support. It was during this time she learned that the Workout Anytime Marietta location was for sale. Three weeks following that conversation, Dianna became the owner of her very own, fully operating Workout Anytime. As Dianna describes it she and Marietta were “like all the stars aligning.” Since then, Dianna purchased the Kennesaw club, inheriting her second fully operational Workout Anytime location to spread her energy, enthusiasm and personality within.
In 2016, Dianna offered to test our pilot for the MX4 Small Group Training Program at her Marietta location. After countless weeks of hard work and dedication, Dianna has implemented a program that has forever changed her business.

“Dianna,”[MX4] has exceeded my expectations and changed my business for the positive DRAMATICALLY!” Dianna’s members are engaged and excited for this new growth and see it as yet another opportunity to reach their goals and get into the best shape of their lives. Dianna is not shy about the amount of work required launching the new program; however, she is also not shy about how excited she is about MX4 and the impact it is having on her both personally and professionally: “I LOVE what I do; I have a passion and for that I am deeply grateful. This isn’t my job; it’s my life, it’s my family, heck, Marietta is my baby . . . I wouldn’t trade it for the world.”
Dianna loves the various opportunities that MX4 presents her with in regards to her members. She now has the ability to offer them both one-on-one personal training and small group training. According to Dianna, MX4 has changed her entire life for the better.  Dianna contributes much of her success both with her business as a whole and the launch of MX4 to her spunk and pizazz: “I DO NOT give up easily. I hire spunky folks for my team.”  Dianna connects with her members and forms strong relationships that truly results in a “Cheers” like atmosphere—something Dianna has made a priority within her business. She stresses the importance of hiring people you can trust, since ” I am only as good as my team.” She believes she is fortunate to have the group of individuals working for her that she does, and can lean on them for strength when things get tough. As someone with a great deal of moxie and the idea that no one can tell her she can’t do something, she knows that she is independent enough to handle her own business.
While Dianna’s fierce determination and independence has made her into an outstanding business owner, she is thankful for the support she receives from the Executive Team, HQ, and her fellow owners since “one can relate to what I really do on a day to day, except someone who does exactly what I do.” She feels confident in the direction that Workout Anytime is moving and feels that the additions of several to the Executive Team have been strong ones.” I love the training and the fact that you can ask these guys anything!” She recognizes the importance of discussing with other owners, stating “having our first annual owners conference was fantastic and even more owners will be able to attend this year. We are our biggest educators, sharing best practices and successes!” Dianna has experienced the success that we aim for every Franchise Owner to have. Dianna’s attitude that “I bleed Red, Gray and Blue!” is one that we hope inspires every member of the Workout Anytime Family, and that we hope many of you already share. As Dianna puts it, “There is a lot to learn, and this is a competitive business; you will have good days, you will have bad days, but in the end you will have members who love you and appreciate you being in business and who will remain loyal!”

Thank you, Dianna, for your hard work, dedication, and moxie that we all admire so much.

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