Bearden Personal Trainer, Jesse, Talks about the Dad-Bod

Posted on August 26, 2015

Bearden trainer, Jesse, was featured on WATE news.

Many parents can relate- you have a child, your schedule and priorities shift and you give up on your fitness and nutrition routine. This can lead to the “dad-bod”, a softer physique that can lead to health problems down the line. Jesse discussed that finding just 4 hours a week for exercise and making a few diet changes can yield great results. Lowering your sugar and carb intake is key from a nutrition standpoint. Jesse talked about a few exercises you can squeeze in between meetings and soccer games that will help you combat dad bod- just doing some pushups and squats for 10 minutes at work and 20 minutes at home every day sets you up for that 4 hour/week goal. If you are using weights, Jesse says just 7.5 lbs. can do the trick and using multiple muscle groups in your exercises like simultaneously doing a squat and a curl or a lunge with some laterals work can maximize your workouts efficiency.

A link to the segment is here:

WATE Television piece