Workout Anytime is a super-convenient, affordable, family owned gym that is available any time, day or night. Opened in 2015, Workout Anytime, off Murray and Allen boulevards, has built a reputation for quality workouts that fits any schedule. The owners understand that motivation isn’t difficult for some clients, but time and convenience is. This is why their gym is easy to get to, easy to access, and easy to use, twenty-four hours a day.

Convenience isn’t the only thing this fitness center excels at. Workout Anytime distinguishes itself by having up-to-date equipment that is maintained by “clean freaks.” For those new to working out, trainers walk clients through using the machines, providing friendly and caring one-on-one support when needed. At the same time athletes, bodybuilders, and longtime fitness junkies, who want a no-fuss workout, are free to get in and out quickly.

Brittiany Roberts, a trainer for three years with Workout Anytime, along with bodybuilder and former Portland police officer Jason Lobaugh, and the rest of the staff find meaning in “seeing people’s bodies change and their lives improve.” Injury prevention and ergonomics is a priority for staff, which has led to many success stories. This includes a member with Parkinson’s as well as an eighty-year-old couple who now have greater flexibility and movement. A group of military veterans called Lift For The 22, visits the gym weekly to maintain both mental and physical fitness.

For those who want an in-depth physical challenge – Orange Theory, HIIT, TRX and the reACT Training programs are available. Strength and conditioning for weight training is also popular. Another benefit to Workout Anytime members is the post-workout HydroMassage, which provides not only relaxation but stimulates circulation using water pressure on the whole body to eliminate toxins.

For former and current athletes as well as first timers, Workout Anytime is “here for people when they need us.” From free weights to cardio to mobility improvement, Workout Anytime stands out as a positive gym with free parking that makes working out an uplifting and fully accessible experience to anyone at any fitness level.

Workout Anytime is located at 14360 SW Allen Blvd. For more information visit or call (503) 605-1200.