Because Workout Anytime is Not Just Another Gym

Posted on June 2, 2017

Edie Rhoads, manager of Workout Anytime in Morristown, said her facility is much more than a gym.

Workout Anytime is, instead, a family and has been since opening in Morristown about two and a half years ago.

It’s something assistant manager Joshua Loveday said he, Rhoads, the ownership and other staff members strive for.

“There are a few key words that describe us here at Workout Anytime. Those are ‘trend-setting,’ ‘results-driven’ and ‘family-based,’” Loveday said. “I feel like that has always been in our DNA. We are all about being focused on those around us and how we can positively affect the lives of those who walk through our doors.”

As a national organization, Workout Anytime has kick started various fitness movements and is at the forefront of many workout trends today such as the 24/7 access included with any level of membership and certain pieces of exclusive equipment.

The company is also dedicated to giving back to the communities in which facilities are based.

At the Morristown location, Rhoads said the Christian facility — a location-specific choice — strives to maintain a safe, clean and positive atmosphere and to be welcoming to anyone and everyone.

“The point is to have a positive and encouraging environment,” Rhoads said. “To be able to make a difference in someone’s life by giving them a word of encouragement or even a smile when they haven’t gotten that from anyone else that day, that’s what we stand for. That’s what we’re trying to be the example of.”

“We are told by so many people, probably at least one during every shift, how people feel loved and welcomed and included,” Loveday said. “We very much cater to every person who comes in, and we cater to all audiences.”

Those audiences include those wanting to lose weight, to build strength and to improve health, and other reasons.

Rhoads said she takes pride in knowing, no matter what the person is trying to accomplish, she and her staff members care and will do anything to help that person reach the goal, whether it’s reducing a high cholesterol level or losing a few pounds for the summer season.

That relationship begins at enrollment with a tour and initial goal-setting meeting.

It continues with follow-up meetings, day-to-day conversations and, sometimes, even prayer.

“We interact with our members on such a different level. They are not just a number. We know their names. We know their family members. We know who is fighting a battle… We know all of these things,” Rhoads said.

“To be able to relate to them on that level goes far and beyond anything else we can offer,” she continued. “We’re not the cheapest gym in town, but we are valued for what we provide. We give you so much more. You become our extended family here, so you get so much more than a workout.”

Of course, a workout is a part of the package as well.

Following a meeting to set goals and a potential plan of attack, the facility grants its members access to a variety of equipment to make those goals a reality.

Walking through the door, members and guests will find a section of cardio equipment — treadmills, stair climber, bicycles and a reACT training system, which is exclusive to Workout Anytime — intentionally placed by the door. Cardio must be done before strength training to prevent injury.

Moving deeper into the gym, there are circuit systems designed to work certain muscles or muscle groups and, in the back, a free weight area designed to increase strength and balance.

There are also cable systems and props such as Yoga mats.

All equipment in addition to the showers and locker rooms are open to members 24/7; a key card allows access during unstaffed hours, no matter the level of membership.

They can also access personal training and additional, group exercise classes for an additional cost.

“We have several different classes that are led by our trainers, who are all nationally certified and ready to work with their clients,” Rhoads said. “With such a selection, there is a perfect match for everyone whether you want to lose weight or build up muscle, despite age or experience. We will find that match for you.”

Loveday said they will also be sure goals are met.

“Just two or three months ago, a lady told me she had been released from her diabetes medications,” he explained. “Between fitness and the Lord, she had completely reversed her diabetes. It was amazing.”

“That right there makes all the difference,” Rhoads explained. “That’s the ‘Why.’ You know, everyone can work at a gym and have a job and whatever, but when you dig for something more than a pay check, that’s why our heart is in this business. I think that’s what sets us apart.”

Memberships to Workout Anytime are $15 for Basic services and $25 for Premium services. Bills are paid monthly.

As a Basic member, there is 24/7 access to the gym equipment and locker and shower facilities. At the Premium level, members gain the ability to bring a friend and make use of the tanning beds during staffed hours, make use of the hydro massage bed 24/7 and set up a monthly meeting with a trainer to track progress and set new goals to be met.

In January, the club rolled out its newest membership plan for friends and family members, which is a Premium membership for two people at $35 per month.

Enrollment fees vary but are typically $99 and there is a once-a-year maintenance fee of $29.

A 12-month agreement is required when enrolling in the friends and family plan, but there are no contracts to sign for Basic and Premium members.

Fees can be paid via automatic withdrawal or up-front per year.

Rhoads said that’s it. It’s simple and straight forward because they don’t want their members to feel like a number or draft. They want them to feel cared for, appreciated and supported. It’s the uniqueness Rhoads said she and the club will strive to maintain for years to come.

“People ask what the hidden fees are. ‘What are you not telling me? What’s the catch?’ Well, I’m sorry to tell them, but there really isn’t one,” Rhoads said. “It’s too good to be true, and we’re here to just be that example. It is what it is.”

For more information, call 423-353-1003 or visit 2340 Sandstone Dr.

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