Franchisees Beth & Chuck Daze bringing Workout Anytime to Kansas City

Posted on September 19, 2015

In an article in the Kansas City Business Journal (Circulation: 11,345, Unique Visitors Per Month: 49,005 )  Published recently ,Workout Anytime Franchisee, Beth Daze and Vice President of Development, Randy Trotter discuss Upcoming Kansas City expansion of the Brand.

        Beth Daze has led a  successful career as a physical therapist and is introducing Workout Anytime to an untapped market.                                Chuck and Beth Daze have signed to bring Workout Anytime to Kansas City in early 2016 located in Johnson County. Beth, a local physical therapist, said Workout Anytime complements her profession and will help her and her family achieve their fitness goals.

“We’re really excited about bringing this new model and this new brand to Kansas City,” Beth Daze said.

Learning about the brand through a former classmate, Beth knew opening the gym would give them the opportunity to offer individuals an affordable and convenient place to work out.

One advantage of the Kansas City market is the available real estate in grocery-anchored shopping centers, which adds to the convenience of working out, said Randy Trotter, vice president of development for Workout Anytime. The gyms also are open 24 hours, offer state-of-the-art equipment and require no contracts, he said.

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