Kevin Edmonds to Open New Workout Anytime in Asheboro, NC

Posted on August 12, 2015

GREENSBORO — North Carolina business owner Kevin Edmonds will open a Workout Anytime location this fall in Asheboro. Four years ago he signed on to be the development agent for the Carolinas for the Atlanta-based, 24/7 fitness facility franchise, Workout Anytime. He opened the first location in the Carolinas in Greensboro in 2011.
“I’ve been eyeballing Asheboro for four years,” he said. “I love the market there.”
He plans to open his new gym in a portion of the former Walmart building on Dixie Drive where Marshall’s and Hobby Lobby are located.
Workout Anytime allows members to work out on their schedule. Workout Anytime founders, John Q. and Steve Strickland, started in the industry in the early 1970s, working with some of the biggest names in the industry, including Bally and American Fitness.
They began Workout Anytime in 1999 in Atlanta, Ga., Edmonds said. He said when he signed on as a franchisee for the North and South Carolina markets, the company had 15 operations. Today, Workout Anytime has 100 locations, either open or under construction.


By J.D. Walker Twitter: @JDWalkerCT