Morristown Member Shares About the Heart of the Club, Manager Edie Rhoads

Posted on June 23, 2017

Nothing more amazing than a member letter like this one! Thank you Amber we 100% agree that you have a diamond in Morristown’s Manager, Edie. Thank you for sharing your experience as one of our members .
“Y’all know I’ve been going to Workout Anytime Morristown for a while now. You know I talk about my #FitFam and how they love me and hold me accountable when I’m there and when I’m not.

Morristown manager Edie Rhoads

Let me introduce you to the heart of #WOATmotown. This is Edie. She’s the general manager, but she’s also the one who sets the philosophy everyone here swears by. The people who walk thru the door are NOT a number. They’re people. They’re family! Brothers, sisters, neighbors…all worth acknowledging and caring about.


Today I arrived at WOAT dreading the monthly fit assessment that’s a standard part of my Premium membership, because I have been slacking y’all! My diet has been horrible. I haven’t gotten to the gym nearly as much as I want or need. Oh and I’m battling depression…may as we’ll be honest. This lady met me at the counter with a smile, an open ear, & an open heart. I didn’t feel like a number.

She did my scan for my body fat % and BMI. She did my measurements. We talked about the changes from last month, & then she wanted to know about me. What’s happening in my life. What am I facing, & how can we plan for the next month to make me victorious? That’s more than a business manager…that’s a FRIEND! By the time we were done, I was ready to conquer my workout and even increased all my exercises by 5lbs each to step it up. Now that I’m done, I feel like I can conquer the world! Thank you Edie for caring about me as a person. Thank you for the words of wisdom and faith. Thank you for helping me remember that God is sooo much bigger than anything I face, & Hes already brought me through the fire on several occasions before…stronger and fireproof. ” #my247inspiration

This picture was taken by Joshua Wayne Loveday…Loveday images. He’s super talented too.

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