Q & A With Club Solutions reporter and COO Mark de Gorter

Posted on September 15, 2015

A September 4th, 2015 article in Club Solutions (Circulation: 24,245)  article titled  “Q&A with Mark de Gorter.”

The article was written by Club Solutions reporter Emily Harbourne and features WORKOUT ANYTIME COO Mark de Gorter.

New WORKOUT ANYTIME COO Mark de Gorter has known Founder Steve Strickland for many years. He’s always admired how Steve has built the brand to over 80 clubs and is excited to help the company with strategic planning as they continue to rapidly expand.

Exciting changes are coming for WORKOUT ANYTIME; they are introducing a custom personal training program designed by fitness industry vet Greg Maurer, the brands new vice president of fitness. Under de Gorter’s leadership they will also be revamping their training and education program, increasing brand awareness and engagement, and making the operations more efficient.

What differentiates WORKOUT ANYTIME from other comparable brands is its value. De Gorter says “We like to consider ourselves a results-based fitness facility and we really focus on that through the collection of equipment and the ancillary programs we develop, like our personal training program.”

With its passionate franchisees and commitment to steady growth, de Gorter is eager to see the company expand in the future, both nationwide and internationally.

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