Working Millennials: A Recipe for Success

Posted on April 15, 2016

Working Millennials: A Recipe for Success


As more Millennials joins the workforce, many employers are noticing differences in this generation to their baby boomers bosses. While traditional roles may be out for this younger generation, WORKOUT ANYTIME COO Mark de Gorter says there are many benefits to hiring from this new eager pool of people entering the workforce.

“While baby boomers may be used to more hierarchical structure in work, we are finding that the millennials make for great team environments. They lend themselves really well to what we are trying to do at the club level,” he said of the younger generations teamwork mentality.

Flexibility is another attribute de Gorter has found among Millennial employees. They are seeking flexibility in their schedule and work environment. They also seek to make an impact with their work and have a heightened sense of responsibility to balance work and life, attracting many young people to work in the fitness industry.

The key to keeping these talented Millennials around? Laying a pathway to growth and success.

“We coach our clubs to really make sure they have a good career path laid out and that we are providing that level of communication because this group is very mobile. But if we provide them with meaningful work, a level of flexibility and engage them, it can be a pretty good recipe for success.”

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Written by: reporter Emily Harbourne and features WORKOUT ANYTIME COO Mark de Gorter.