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Workout Anytime Expands to Belize

Posted on March 29, 2020

Workout Anytime plots expansion into Belize, and Dominican  Republic.

Georgia, United States-based Workout Anytime has reached an agreement to franchise the fitness brand to Honduras-based Lady Lee Corporation.

Under the agreement, Lady Lee Corporation will act as a “Master Franchisee” that will sell, open and manage Workout Anytime gyms in Belize and the Dominican Republic. The company will also manage the brand in El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama. Expressing satisfaction with the agreement, Workout Anytime CEO Steve Strickland noted, Workout Anytime has always had ambitious expansion plans, predicated on finding the right partner, which is why we’re so excited about associating with Lady Lee Corporation.

“The Lady Lee Corporation has extensive experience bringing a variety of leading brands to Central America and the Dominican Republic. Their strong presence in retail franchising, as well as real estate development, provides the perfect partnership to launch our international expansion into that region,” he continued.

“Far from finished growing”

Founded in 1999, with the aim of providing customers with a results-based exercise solution, Workout Anytime has grown to more than 160 locally owned fitness clubs across the US. With the freshly inked franchise deal, Workout Anytime is aiming to increase its network to 200 locations through international expansion.

Even so, after 20 years in existence, Director of Franchise Development, Terri Harof, said the fitness club is “far from finished growing”.

Workout Anytime Director of Franchise Development Terri Harof. (Photo: Twitter @TerriHarofBells

“We have many tools in place to help our franchisees grow, including pre-negotiated real estate and strong developer relationships, and we’re eager to continue bringing new franchisees on board,” she continued.

Planned openings

Felix Rivera, director of marketing and advertising at Lady Lee Corporation, is also optimistic about the future of the partnership since the company has planned three openings in Honduras for this year.

Director of marketing and advertising at Lady Lee Corporation, Felix Rivera (Photo: Lady Lee)

In addition, Lady Lee is now seeking to identify real estate throughout Central America and the Dominican Republic for other new locations, even as it provides job opportunities throughout the region.

“Workout Anytime is a well-structured franchise, with well-defined procedures and a highly aggressive pricing and service strategy that does not yet exist in the Central American region,” Rivera stated.

“Our partnership will enable people from different social backgrounds to improve their lifestyle through a highly modern and well-equipped gym concept at a low price.”

Lady Lee develops multi-purpose shopping centres that combine food establishments, office spaces, among other services. Its franchise management portfolio includes Wendy’s in Honduras and Venture X throughout Central America.

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