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Workout Anytime Opening in Pell City Alabama

Posted on July 24, 2020

St. Clair Times Jul 24, 202. The future home of Workout Anytime in Pell City.
The 12,500-square foot Workout Anytime is the first location in Pell City and the 12th location in Alabama.

After working as a telecommunications analyst for almost 15 years, Stewart decided it was time to quit his job and open up his own business so he would be able to spend more time with his family.

“It was a good paying job for many years, but a lot of times, it was late nights because of the nature of the telecomm business,” he said. “I was missing events and things like that, so I quit my job and had to decide what I was wanting to do and looked at different opportunities.”

Stewart considered multiple business options, such as a smoothie cafe or smoothie stand, before finally deciding to open his own Workout Anytime franchise.

The 24/7 Pell City gym will include a 900-square foot training room with personal trainers as well as fitness classes. Stewart hopes to add more fitness classes as time goes on.

The large facility will also give Stewart the opportunity to enhance social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were able to space all the equipment out. As the virus goes away, then we’ll start adding more equipment and making things a little tighter, but we have a large facility, so we have everything everybody needs.”

Workout Anytime’s Director of Franchise Development, Teri Harof, stated that Franchise Support has been working diligently to ensure every Workout Anytime is able to make its members feel as comfortable as possible when working out during the pandemic. This effort has included implementing an airPHX system.  According to Harof, the airPHX  provides a continuous air and surface sanitizing system that generates “cold plasma,” including hydrogen peroxide and two other organic oxidizing agents that are harmless to humans, but are said to effectively sanitize up to 150,000 cubic feet of space.

To learn more about the new 24 hr. Workout Anytime Pell City location, visit for more information.

To learn more about franchising opportunities currently available, see our Franchising Website

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