WORKOUT ANYTIME’s Strong Growth Potential Inspires First Time Owners

Posted on February 8, 2017

02/08/17  1851 Franchising
After learning about the brand’s proven business concept, Bill and Bret Cesak decided to turn their passion for fitness into a full-time career.
For Bill Cesak and his son Bret, a passion for fitness runs in the family. They’ve always enjoyed staying active, and have made fitness a part of their daily routines. Bret even took his passion to the next level by becoming a certified personal trainer—having worked with over 150 clients over the past three years, he’s helped everyone from football players looking to improve their speed to senior citizens trying to stay healthy. But it wasn’t until the father and son duo found WORKOUT ANYTIME that they considered making fitness their full-time careers”

“Bret has always had this strong entrepreneurial spirit—he didn’t want to follow in my footsteps of climbing the corporate ladder. He knew from day one that he wanted to build something of his own. But we knew that we weren’t in a position to open up a gym or health club by ourselves. We didn’t have any of the expertise that’s required to successfully launch a start-up, and we didn’t have a strong brand name to back us up. That’s why we started looking into the possibility of franchising,” said Bill. “We interviewed franchisees from all the major gym brands, and WORKOUT ANYTIME was the only one that stood out. The consistent message from all of its owners was that they were able to offer tremendous value to their communities while still making a sound income.”
After speaking with both franchisees and members of the brand’s corporate team, Bill and Bret decided to bring WORKOUT ANYTIME to Watkinsville, Georgia. The market provides them with the opportunity to grow—demand for affordable fitness centers in the area is at an all-time high. And the WORKOUT ANYTIME brand puts them in the best position to capitalize on that need.
“Markets like Watkinsville are ideal for WORKOUT ANYTIME. Not only is our $15 month-to-month membership incredibly affordable, our gyms feature state of the art equipment and talented trainers like Bret who are passionate about helping people reach their fitness goals,” said Randy Trotter, WORKOUT ANYTIME’s vice president of development. “But our advantages aren’t all geared towards our members. WORKOUT ANYTIME also offers franchisees a one of a kind business ownership opportunity. With over 100 units, we’re a rapidly growing brand with a system that’s been proven to be successful. And there’s still room for us to expand—our goal is to help owners like Bill and Bret continue to scale their businesses and reach even more potential customers.”
That potential for growth is another factor that attracted both Bill and Bret to the WORKOUT ANYTIME brand. While their first club has only officially been open for a few weeks, they’re already seeing the potential to open up more down the line. That’s because the pair has created a system that makes it easy to run the business—while Bill handles behind the scenes business like paying the bills and hiring, Brett is in the gym 70-plus hours every week making sure that day-to-day operations are running smoothly.
WORKOUT ANYTIME’s simple business model has also added to that success—Bill says that without the support of the brand and its team members, they wouldn’t be running their own business.
“What makes WORKOUT ANYTIME unique is its attention to detail. They have over 100 clubs open all over the country, but I can call anyone on their team for help and they’ll know me by name. The brand’s system has absolutely been instrumental in our success,” said Bill. “They’re in a sweet spot in the industry when it comes to future development. WORKOUT ANYTIME has established a strong presence in a lot of different communities, but there’s still room for more clubs to open their doors. That’s what’s exciting to me as a franchisee—I know that when we’re ready, the brand will help us expand our reach as business owners.”
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