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Workout Anytime Port Orange

The Batman Workout Challenge

Posted on September 17, 2021

Batman Workout

Have you ever felt the need to don your cape and mask while demolishing your city at night to fight crime as a bat vigilante? Well while you’re waiting on your billions of dollars, bat cave, and top-notch English butler, we have a workout designed to transform even the faint of heart into the Dark Knight himself!

Full Body Workout 

  • Weighted Chin-up         3 sets / 12 reps
  • Weighted Sled Push     3 sets / 20 yards
  • Tire Pull 
  • Dumbbell Flat Press     3 sets / 8 – 10 reps
  • Back Squats                 3 sets / 12 reps
  • Battle Ropes                 2 sets till FAILURE!

If you want to step up your game, just add another set to each workout and crush it!

As always be mindful of your surroundings in the gym, lift smart, and keep working hard! Remember that fitness is a lifestyle! If you’re new to Workout Anytime, click here to get a free trial pass!


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