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Steven Elliott 1851 Franchise Feature

Posted on October 10, 2019

WORKOUT ANYTIME Franchise Partner, Steven Elliott is a Successful Product of Business Model

Steven Elliott originally was a part-time owner, but now is full-time and has invested in seven locations.

WORKOUT ANYTIME not only provides a flexible schedule for its customers with its 24/7 gyms, but also for its franchisees. The brand allows their franchisees to invest in a unit while remaining in their current profession. It has been a successful business model used for a number of franchisees, including Steven Elliott.

Before coming to WORKOUT ANYTIME, Elliot was a full-time physical therapist. He was searching for an investment opportunity that would provide him with a way to diversify his portfolio and allow him to continue as a physical therapist. He did his research and found that WORKOUT ANYTIME was the best fit.

With WORKOUT ANYTIME’s semi-absentee ownership model, prospective franchisees are able to invest in the brand, make key business decisions and keep other commitments. Elliott opened his first franchise with his business partner Scott James in Cleveland, Tennessee in 2011, while he was still working as a physical therapist. He scaled back his time as a physical therapist over the years and now works full-time with the brand. But he said even though the brand allows you to keep your job and other commitments, there still comes a large amount of responsibility.

“What’s great about WORKOUT ANYTIME is that there is not a lot of moving parts to the business and each location does not need that many employees. But you still need to hire good employees and managers to make sure that the franchise runs smoothly,” Elliott said.

He now runs seven franchises spread across Alabama and Tennessee. He is also an area developer for the brand in Alabama, helping find prospective franchisees.

The WORKOUT ANYTIME system operates with low-overhead and delivers high customer satisfaction. Clubs fit into a range of retail spaces, can be run by a tiny staff, and offer the best workout per square foot in the industry. Unprofitable amenities like the pool, spa, courts, aerobics classes, and childcare have been eliminated in favor of a $15 no-commitment price that keeps members onboard month after month. Franchisees can join WORKOUT ANYTIME with little or no experience in the fitness industry. Yet, turnkey systems, vendor agreements, equipment sourcing and leasing support make it easy to get started and easy to succeed.

Elliott went on to say that doing business with WORKOUT ANYTIME has been a great experience and he continues to find entrepreneurs to develop locations in Alabama. He said the brand supplies him with the necessary tools to succeed and if you are a driven entrepreneur, joining the brand is a worthwhile investment.

“The training is great as you don’t need experience running a gym to thrive. WORKOUT ANYTIME will teach you and your staff all you need to do to open and operate a unit successfully,” Elliott said. “For me, I started with WORKOUT ANYTIME as a semi-absentee owner and their support staff was there with me every step of the way to help answer any question I had. The communication is great and that is one of the reasons why the brand thrives.”

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