Workout Anytime to open 24-hour gym in Canton Georgia

January 13, 2022
A Workout Anytime is expected to open in Canton in April, giving those who may have busy school and work schedules 24 hours a day, seven days a week access to its building and equipment.
The gym will be in the Riverstone Plaza shopping center in Canton April 15.
The gym will offer personal training and small group classes with 24 hours a day, seven days a week access. Workout Anytime will feature a number of free weights, as well as strength and cardio equipment from Matrix.
For premium members, the gym will also offer hydro massaging and unlimited tanning.
Franchise owners Matt and Tina Cuneio, from Canton, said signing on to open the gym came to be, in large part, due to their passions for fitness and entrepreneurship.
“I grew up around the importance of fitness regarding its benefit on someone’s physical and mental well being,” Matt Cuneio said. “I have carried this through my life, and I’ve only become more passionate about this since. There’s nothing this community needs more than the tool of fitness and well being through exercise.”
Tina Cuneio said that, while she didn’t grow up around gyms like her husband, she now sees the importance of gyms and the benefits of exercise.
Matt Cuneio said that the couple’s different experiences with gyms and exercising has helped them come to a better understanding of the mindset of those who may be intimidated to start, and how they can help.
“Many people are intimidated by a gym because they’ve neve been before and they don’t know how to use the equipment,” he said. “For me, I always thought that everyone knew the benefits of working out and how to exercise and use the equipment because I grew up around it. Tina showed me that wasn’t the case, and that’s why we want Workout Anytime to be inviting and helpful to those learning or wanting to learn.”
Terri Harof, director of franchise development, said new members will be able to take part in a walkthrough of the gym, where an employee will display how the equipment is used for those who may not be familiar with the machines and weights.
“We know that, when joining a gym, people want a good cardio and strength workout,” Harof said. “We also know that people enjoy the convenience of having a gym close to home or work. That’s what we provide through our 24/7 access because our members have their own key cards to get in. They can go workout whenever they want to, whenever it’s convenient for them.”

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ACE Workout Anytime Values


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ACE Workout Anytime Values


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