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Dream Team

Workout Anytime Greensboro


At Workout Anytime Greensboro, we are all about results! Whatever your reason for getting started, we are here to help you reach your personal fitness goals.

Our management team is standing by to help you plan for success! First, we listen to why you are here. We then sit down with you and together, we plan your personal success strategy that will help you realize your fitness goals.

Our certified personal coaches can help you develop an effective workout program specifically designed to help you reach your fitness goals. At Workout Anytime Greensboro, our coaches educate, motivate, and celebrate as you reach those long held personal health goals.

Workout Anytime encourages a well-paced, healthy nutritional program for those interested in weight loss with the goal of setting a firm foundation for your healthy new lifestyle.

Whatever your personal fitness goals may be, your team of professionals at Workout Anytime Greensboro is here for you, 24/7.


Tanner Church

Tanner Church

Regional Manager

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I started lifting weights when I was 13 years old and ever since then I had a dream of running my own gym. Whenever I moved to Greensboro and came across Workout Anytime, I instantly felt at home and knew I wanted to make a career out of what I was doing. I started working at Workout Anytime back in October of 2017 at the front desk, then moved to the management team in January of 2018, and eventually took over the Greensboro location as the General manager in January of 2019. In July of 2019, I took over as the General Manager of our Asheboro location, then receiving my current title as Regional Manager. I love that every day I get to spend time at both gyms and help as many of our members reach their goals as possible, along with all of our amazing staff members.

Benjamin Ryan

Regional Fitness Director

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My name is Benjamin Ryan and I am the Regional Fitness Director for Workout Anytime in the Triad area. I have worked here since October 2020, intending to simply enjoy being a trainer in an addition to my other endeavors, but like many of you, I found a home here. Health and fitness have always been important throughout my life. I played sports from a young age and at home I learned the importance of taking care of yourself off the field. Later I played football in high school but found my passion in martial arts, practicing through most of my life. Being active has had a profound impact on my life as it was always a way to maintain balance, prepare to meet challenges in life, and when I suffered a serious injury, it was what kept me pushing to recover and overcome such a big obstacle. I have been a fitness professional for several years, and while I've had many other types of ventures I truly enjoy and believe in living a healthy and active lifestyle, the ways in which it can benefit all areas in your life, and the work that we and our members and client do here. As an advocate of lifelong education, I enjoy good books and fine arts, but I also love a great movie and live music, and of course you can often find me with a barbell in my hand (I love my Olympic lifts!) or putting on the gloves and throwing hands with the heavy bag!

Hayley Lowry

General Manager

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I'm Hayley and I'm the General Manager at Workout Anytime Greensboro! Fitness has always been an important part of my life, whether it's running, hiking, biking, ultimate frisbee, or lifting. Two years ago, I started training MMA and it changed my whole life; I fell in love with the sport, and I love how happy and strong it makes me feel. I realized quickly that I wanted to help other people feel this good about themselves and their lives, so I started working at the front desk at Workout Anytime in October of 2019, got my personal training certification in March of 2020, and then transitioned to the management team in July of 2020. When I'm not working, I'm training MMA and pushing myself to be the best!

MaryLou Polk

Personal Trainer and Membership Consultant

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I have been with the Workout Anytime Franchise since 2015. I have been working at the Greensboro location since November of 2020. Fitness is my passion! I enjoy helping people reach their own personal fitness goals and being a trainer helps me achieve that. I also work on the membership side which has taught me more of the business side of the franchise. I love what I do and I wouldn’t choose any other gym system to work within. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my 2 daughters and fiancée. We enjoy staying active as much as we can; we can be found walking the trails of Greensboro or hiking Hanging Rock.

Elijah Ksor

Membership Consultant

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Hi, my name is Elijah L. Ksor, and I've been with Workout Anytime in Greensboro since December of 2020. I used to work in home security sales and I loved it, but I knew it was time to chase my passion, personal training. The gym has always been a part of my life. From the Varsity Lacrosse team to the Ultimate Frisbee field, I have always depended on the gym to perform at my very best. Even though weight training is my favorite hobby, I love seeing other people accomplish their gym goals. Helping others feel and look good is what motivates me to continue striving for personal success.

Ben Siegel

Membership Consultant

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My name is Ben Siegel and I am a membership consultant at Workout Anytime in Greensboro. I am originally from Atlanta, Georgia, but I live in Greensboro while attending school at Guilford College. This will be my third year at Guilford and I am studying business administration. I have played football all my life and continue to do so in college. As an athlete, staying strong and consistent in the gym has always been a huge part of my life. I started coming to Workout Anytime Greensboro as a member in September of 2020 and I quickly fell in love with this gym. The friendly staff and the feeling of community had me looking forward to coming in every day. It did not take me long to realize that I wanted to be a part of that, and since then, I have enjoyed every day being here. Meeting new friends and taking care of a place I call home is something I love doing every day.
Greenesboro Fitness Center

Mercedes Stephens

Membership Consultant

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My name is Mercedes. I have embarked on several fitness journeys throughout the course of my life, but it wasn’t until a few months ago when I joined Workout Anytime that fitness became a lifestyle for me. Growing up, I never felt athletically inclined, nor did I receive much of a health education. My relationship with health and fitness peaked when I became a lifeguard and joined a swim team in college. As a Psychology graduate, I recognize the power of exercise and healthful living. Fitness has given me the confidence, control, and serotonin and dopamine needed to protect and preserve my overall health, and I’ve realized that I only want to surround myself with that kind of energy — while giving others the chance to experience it for themselves every day. I am so grateful to have found my place here at Workout Anytime!
Greensboro gym

Vincent Givens

Personal Trainer

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Fitness and physical conditioning has always been a passion of mine, and I want to share my passion to help improve the lives of as many people as I can.
I wanted to be like my brother growing up; he was highly active, always doing some type of sport to stay conditioned, I saw that and took it to heart. I joined the military and became a firefighter, and it goes without saying that being not only fit, but fit for the job is extremely important. It was not until I became an EMT that I really started to see the impacts of a sedentary lifestyle that I really wanted to make a change in others' lives before they need to call 911. I want to make the fitness process as enjoyable and fun as possible to keep people moving, motivated, and healthy. In addition to my ISSA Personal Trainer Certification, I am also working on ISSA Nutritionist certification because diet is the biggest component of healthy living, as well as participating in the Army Master Fitness Trainer Program.
Greensboro Gym

Fred Little

Personal Trainer and Membership Consultant

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My relationship with fitness started over a decade ago... Struggling with childhood obesity, being 300lbs at the age of 12, I attempted to cheat my way to quick results and fell into just about every trap the industry has to offer; fortunately, the pain and the failure operated as teachers. I have lost over 200 pounds throughout my journey. My experience has created a passion for health and fitness, which has led me to pursue biology as a major and to become an ACE Certified Personal Trainer. My purpose in life is to help people improve their health. In the future, I intend to pursue a Master's degree in Food Science and Nutrition, become a registered dietician; and continue to create safe and effective exercise programs for clients.
Workout Anytime Greensboro
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