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Dream Team

Workout Anytime Rome

At Workout Anytime Rome, we are all about results! Whatever your reason for getting started, we are here to help you reach your personal fitness goals.

Our management team is standing by to help you plan for success! First, we listen to why you are here. We then sit down with you and together, we plan your personal success strategy that will help you realize your fitness goals.

Our certified personal coaches can help you develop an effective workout program specifically designed to help you reach your fitness goals.  At Workout Anytime Rome, our coaches educate, motivate, and celebrate as you reach those long held personal health goals.

Workout Anytime encourages a well-paced, healthy nutritional program for those interested in weight loss with the goal of setting a firm foundation for your healthy new lifestyle.

Whatever your personal fitness goals may be, your team of professionals at Workout Anytime Rome is here for you, 24/7.



gym owner

Jerry Pugh


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Born and raised in Crossville TN, Jerry moved to Cookeville to attend college at TTU. He graduated from the paramedic program in 1997, and went to work at Putnam County EMS for the next ten years. In 2007, he followed his entrepreneurial dreams and opened Consolidated Body Shop in Crossville, and in 2013 bought his family's agriculture business. Having an intense passion for health, fitness, and bettering the lives of the people around him, he and his good friend EJ opened Workout Anytime Homestead in 2017. With their business knowledge, passion, and drive, they have grown to be the largest Workout Anytime franchisee in only three years.
gym owner

EJ Williams


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EJ was a good friend of Jerry's who had spent 7 years in law enforcement. Sharing an intense passion for health, fitness, and bettering the lives of everyone around them, they launched out and opened their first Workout Anytime in Crossville, TN. Their partnership is wildly successful and they have a lofty goal to open 50 Workout Anytime locations. Proving together we truly are better, EJ and Jerry are on track to leave a huge footprint on the brand. Within 4 years, they have grown to own 10 clubs, with no plans of slowing down.

Scott Corless

VP of Sales and Operations

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Scott brings more than 30 years of management expertise, including vast experience within the health and fitness industry, and has a proven track record in all phases of new member acquisition, business development, training, operations and marketing. Prior to joining Workout Anytime, Corless served as Vice President of National Sales for Gold's Gym. Previously, he worked in various roles for the Gold’s Gym brand from 2003 to 2010, including chief operating officer of Gold’s Gym Atlanta, district manager of Gold’s Gym International and district manager of Gold’s Gym Utah. He now oversees all the Pugh-Williams locations.
gym marketing

Jessica Keen

Marketing Director

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Jessica joined Workout Anytime in 2020 as the Marketing Director of all the Pugh-Williams locations. When she moved to Cookeville in 2015, she was Business Development Manager for a brand new franchise and grew it into a Million Dollar Franchise within her first year. Since then, she has helped local business in the area with their marketing campaigns. Her experience in brand building, marketing, and sales makes her a great fit for Workout Anytime.
gym personal trainer

Israel Allen

Regional Fitness Director

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Israel Allen serves as the Regional Director of Fitness for all Pugh Williams locations. In his current role, Israel oversees all Personal Training Operations to ensure the PT team is delivering excellence in all areas of the client experience and overall member connection to help members successfully reach their goals.
With 20 years in the Fitness Industry, he has held roles as both an international speaker and educator for the industry, helping thousands of Personal Trainers and Managers understand the business and service of Personal Training.
Israel’s experience began as a Personal Trainer with a large corporate chain and moved into roles as Fitness Manager, General Manager, Regional Manager of PT, and Regional Director of Fitness overseeing as many as 160 locations.
The goal always being to “Keep it simple and Make it fun” for the members and our team while maintaining the highest quality in standards for all.
gym manager

Elise Wright

Area Manager

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Elise Wright has 2 years of experience in the fitness industry, but found her passion for fitness while serving 5 years in the United States Navy. When she left the Navy, she earned a BA in English and minor in Communication Studies from Dalton State College. She has 10 years of customer service experience under her belt, which she applies in helping others achieve fitness goals while delivering the best experience possible!
gym manager

Carissa Shellhorse

General Manager

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Carissa has 5 years of experience working in gyms and 2 years of experience in leadership roles. When the opportunity arose for her to combine the two, she jumped at the chance to fill the role of General Manager of Workout Anytime Rome. Because staying fit plays such a large role in her own life, she finds it that much more rewarding to help gym members get excited to start and work through their fitness journey.
Outside of the gym Carissa enjoys kayaking, taking her dogs for walks downtown, and trying out new foodie hotspots.
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