Success Stories Straight from our Members

I lost 26 pounds by working out on the treadmill and lifting weights 3-5 times a week.
— Sharon Markman

I am so happy with this gym. It is clean, affordable, and has a great staff and very knowledgeable trainers. This is a gym for everyone from beginners to body builders. All the equipment is new. Centrally located so if I do feel like working out late in the evening I feel safe.
— J. Smith

Great gym to get it done. And not all hype at the other 24h gyms. Has what I need and love the monthly no contact price. I don't feel bad if I missed a few weeks. Unlike my other overpriced gym. Staff is friendly and help me if I notice anything needs that attention. Like a family gym where your suggestions matter.
— P.Shevchuk

I think this place is great. Plenty of equipment and everything is clean. I am scared when the secret gets out about this place because right now I have not observed it to be busy at all. I use this gym on the weekend and then go to another gym closer to my house during the week so I dont see a lot of staff. The staff I have come in contact with have been really nice and helpful. There trainers seem to be knowledgeable and they have a large variety of classes. Not that I would ever workout at 3 AM but it is nice to know I have the option so I also appreciate the 24/7 access. I think the two different membership options are $15 for the basic and then $25 for tanning, hydro-bed and guest privileges. Keep up the great work.
— Matt C.

I was able to bring my cholesterol down within a normal range naturally, deposit a ton of my stress at the gym (!) and become much more flexible. I was a size 8 last fall but would have never admitted it. Now, I am down to a size 4 and proud to show it off as I sport my new clothes!
— Sharon Markman

Since I like to work out at 4:30 AM, WORKOUT ANYTIME is just perfect. Clean, comfortable and all the equipment I need. It is close to home so I ride my bike to and from the gym. Can't beat it!
— Kupe Kupersmith

Best thing I've EVER done for myself. I actually look forward to coming every day because the atmosphere is SO welcoming and inviting! I feel worlds better afterward.
— Ginny Murphy

I am really enjoying the new gym. Everything is clean, the staff is friendly and helpful, the Matrix equipment is smooth and easy to use, and I can go whenever I want! What else could a person ask for!?
— Patrick Cooper

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